GMM Trasmissioni Meccaniche closed 2016 with 8% turnover growth to more than 15 million euros. All the main economic indicators were positive.

The year was marked by two defining events: the acquisition of BBM Maintenance Partner in April and the opening of GMM USA in October, two operations that reflect the company’s goals and strategy focused on service excellence and maximum customer satisfaction. The acquisition of BBM expands GMM’s range of offerings to include not just industrial components but also analysis, diagnostics, intervention and specialist maintenance services. BBM provides 24-hour support, confirming its role as a unique partner for the leading players in the ceramic sector looking to improve their manufacturing efficiency.

The internationalisation process that began with the opening of the branch in Tennessee will enable GMM to provide a just-in-time service to companies operating in the new local ceramic district.

Following the strong 2016 results, GMM aims to consolidate and expand its investments in 2017.

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