from 1973 Gmm Group

markets the best brands

of mechanical components.

Thanks to the acquisitions made during the years, Gmm Group can also offer predictive maintenance, together with items for the worker’s professional equipment.

Answering specific customer’s needs, Gmm is able to offer customized supplying and maintenance packs, becoming a global industrial partner.

”from 1973 until today we grew and acquired experience, specialization and we started companies and partnerships all around the world. Reliability determination and responsibility remain our main values for over 40 years.”

Attilio Milani
Founder and president of Gmm Group



Gmm Group’s mission

Becoming global supplier of the business units where we operate, putting at the spotlight the customer’s needs.

”we work everyday with this goal, focusing in particular on the value and on the ethic principles that characterize our team. We are convinced that the quality of a company’s service passes through the quality of life and work of its employees.”

Luca Milani
CEO Gmm Group


Create social value,

know how to share and measure,

to improve the quality of work.

Energy and courage of transforming a goal into an ambitious result.

having a common vision, to share it with our partners.

taking on both successes and mistakes always finding a corrective.

Respect of the values and methods, in the teamwork perspective.

Will of continuously improving its professional and social status through dedication and sacrifice.


the most important stages

of our history