The ceramic industry is facing the increasingly tough challenge of reducing its environmental impact and monitoring production costs while maintaining high quality standards. The production cycle severely tests the efficiency, stability and durability of rotating elements installed on machinery. GMM Trasmissioni Meccaniche, a leading distributor of components and services for the ceramic industry, has always invested in research into innovative products and cutting-edge solutions aimed at optimising costs without sacrificing competitiveness or efficiency. At the international exhibitions Tecnargilla and Cibus Tec the company showcased its latest maintenance-free products developed in partnership with the renowned brand SKF: the Y Service Free units.

This family of supports is set to revolutionise the concept of maintenance thanks to an innovative combination of wear resistance and operational flexibility. The special 5-contact-point seals outperform the traditional seals used on this bearing in terms of durability and reliability, making them particularly effective at blocking infiltrations of liquid or gaseous foreign particulate, as typically occurs for example in the operations of grinding and spray-dried product transport in the spray dryer department.

Service Free units can be used in any application involving the use of supports for heavy loads, including those of SKF and other brands, with shaft diameters ranging from 25 to 60 millimetres. A specific characteristic of these supports is the fact that no greasing is required at any time during their life cycle as they are supplied as standard with high-quality long-life grease.

Another important characteristic of the Service Free supports is the ConCentra quick-mounting system. The use of SKF units and bearings from this family guarantees precise mounting on the shaft. They are ideal for applications involving high speeds and heavy loads, where they guarantee almost zero maintenance and low levels of vibration and noise. The SKF ConCentra locking system ensures effective and rapid mounting of the bearing on the shaft, reducing the risks of the shaft slackening or suffering damage if the grub screws come loose. Due to its simplicity of use and speed and effectiveness of assembly, the SKF ConCentra family is the ideal solution for coupling bearings and shafts.

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