BBM Maintenance Partner, a GMM Group member company and a leading supplier of Condition Monitoring services for the ceramic industry, has long been involved in the search for sophisticated new technologies for reducing production line maintenance costs and cutting service times in the event of plant malfunctions.

In this context, continuous monitoring of the state of health of machinery becomes the only reliable means of recording malfunctions, preventing unplanned machine stoppages and avoiding the consequent economic losses.

Following its participation at Tecnargilla 2016, BBM offers customers interested in advanced Condition Monitoring the possibility of adopting Vibguard® terminals from Prüftechnik, the German multinational engaged in research and development of predictive maintenance measuring systems.

Thanks to the BBM’s extensive presence in the maintenance market and the reliability of Prüftechnik products, companies will be able to benefit from continuous, in-depth monitoring of the state of health of fans installed on the kilns and of the continuous mills.

The device provides real- time information on the conditions of the plant. Using fast processors and optimised measuring routines, the system can provide the instantaneous monitoring data at any time so as to protect the machinery from sudden malfunctions. Working simultaneously and completely autonomously on a maximum of 20 channels per terminal, Vibguard® can also monitor complex machines with a large number of operating parameters and interface with Omnitrend® Center software for recording and evaluating data and managing alarms.

Vibguard® can also be configured according to customers’ specific needs so as to manage any combination of mills, motors, reduction gears or fans on the 20 channels available, facilitated by the high degree of compatibility with sensors and transmitters for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to its ability to cut costs without sacrificing innovation and optimisation of production, BBM encourages Italian companies to adopt the Vibguard® system so they can benefit from the advantages offered by the 2017 Budget Law for Industry 4.0.

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